"Welcome to the Home of Conductive Education"

          Closing dates for registration: 15 November 2016

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  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
  • 8th World Congress On Conductive Education in Munich
9th World Congress on Conductive Education

Budapest, Hungary 10-13 December 2016

Abstract Book                                                                      Program Book

Due to the great number of participants the congress venue for Monday, 12 December and Tuesday, 13 December has been changed to the LURDY CONFERENCE AND EVENT CENTER, Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14, 1097 Budapest.

Important information

Participants of the pre-congress courses (Friday) can register for their respective courses and the Congress on Friday morning. Attention: All three pre-congress courses (Pető, BHRG, Move & Walk) will take place on the premises of the András Pető College. 

Congress participants can register on Saturday afternoon at the András Pető College. Where applicable, payment can be effected at the cashier’s desk from 14:30 to 16:30.

Those not attending the Saturday programmes can register on Sunday morning in the Vigadó.

The next opportunity to effect payment is on Monday at the Lurdy Conference Center from 8:00 to 10:00.

President of the Congress: Franz Schaffhauser

János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary 
and his spouse Anita Herczegh


András Pető College (APC)
International András Pető Association (IPA)
András Pető Foundation (FAP)

Welcome Message

As the President of the Ninth World Congress on Conductive Education I welcome the Reader.

As known since the previous Congress, which took place in Munich in 2013, in accordance with the decision of the Executive Board of the International Pető Association and following the pledge of the András Pető College and the András Pető Foundation, the next World Congress in 2016 will once again be hosted by Hungary.

The relay which has provided the opportunity of highest-ranking meetings and discussions for experts and professional organisations of conductive education and the specialists of sister professions will return to Budapest, its starting point. Even measured on a historical scale this has been a great and grand relay which in its three-year cycles has embraced magnificent venues and crossed continents. Over this course, rising through several decades, conductive education has undergone an unparalleled enrichment. Now the time has come for a new inspection, for a systematic and methodical survey of all those values.

It is time for another return also in the sense that once again we should use the special ‘Budapest prism’ which may mean real recognition and true acceptance in respect of theoretical considerations, practical experiences and organisational solutions, for breaking up the latest international developments of conductive education, for reviewing, examining and evaluating them.

The relay will return – and start out again, as it is the right time to realise that we need to gather new momentum and, together with all competent participants and contributors, consider and set up the main directions, strategic goals and priorities for the further advancement of conductive pedagogy. In the solemn atmosphere of the Congress we shall be able to encourage each other in order to take new paths to progress.

Budapest, February 2015.

Franz Schaffhauser PhD College Professor President of the Congress


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to cordially welcome you at the 9th World Congress on Conductive Education (WCCE). Conductive Education returned to its home, co-organized by the András Pető College and the International András Pető Association of CE (IPA) with the involvement of the non-governmental András Pető Foundation. IPA takes the motto for itself: “Education must provide the opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can at best provide a rich and challenging environment for the individual to explore, in his own way.” Noam Chomsky

Starting with the first congress ever (1990) and the second (1995) WCCE, both held in Budapest, followed by the 3rd WCCE in Hokkaido (1999), with the 4th WCCE (2001) in London, we put together exciting programs that discussed advances, disadvantages and questions of inclusion to the societies and school-integration. Since London it has become increasingly important to introduce applied aspects of sciences appearing in the theoretical background of CE and justifying core elements given by the founders, András Pető and Mária Hári. Theoretical aspects of brain sciences, neuroplasticity, cognition, learning, motivation, intentional activities, and important questions of health sciences, rehabilitation, education, teaching and CE practice got higher profile from the 5th in Budapest (2004) and 6th WCCE in Gothenburg (2007). These world congresses had an impact on all aspects of Conductive Education. As the co-organizer of the congresses the IPA always seeks WCCE firmly established as the primary world forum for introduction of advances in practice, and research in all areas of Conductive Education. It provides a great opportunity to share in this great experience, be part of what is happening and influence the future direction of the still fast growing world of Conductive Education.

The mission of the 9th WCCE should be to give a big impetus for the development of Conductive Education by sharing knowledge and experience with constructive discussions at the congress. I am sure that the 9th WCCE provides a marvelous opportunity to promote collaborative work, training, research, encourage young researchers in the field and strengthen friendships. In addition, you must also take this opportunity to enjoy the unique Hungarian culture, food, beautiful landscapes and historic sites. We hope that you will all have an exciting and stimulating experience in the congress.

Ildiko KOZMA
President, International András Pető Association