Rector’s Welcome Message

Dr. Zsebe Andrea rektor 1Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the András Pető College.

Our College has more than 50 years’ experience in conductor training and the history of development work accomplished in our practice settings goes back 70 years.

The practical experience we have gained in the conductive development of persons with dominantly motor disabilities as well as the results we have achieved in Hungary and abroad enable us to both preserve traditions and to set new directions for progress.

The efficiency of the Pető concept, applied in children and adults who struggle with dominantly motor function deficiencies or disorders originating from damage to the central nervous system or incomplete closing of the neural tube, has been verified.

With regard to content our undergraduate conductor training is constructed in such a way that theory can be acquired parallel with practice. Our accredited, practice-oriented training is unique in the scope of teacher education; our students can participate in age-specific developmental procedures for all diagnoses in segregated as well as mainstream practice settings maintained by the College and in partner institutions.

Our College provides undergraduate conductor training as a four-year, undivided full-time course and undergraduate education in pedagogy as a three-year correspondence training. We have places for 330 students.

Students completing our BA level conductor training course are furnished with marketable knowledge that meets the expectations of the labour market and our graduates become respected and sought-after professionals both in Hungary and abroad. During their training students of our BA course in pedagogy can choose from unique specialisations providing such knowledge that may facilitate both finding employment and pursuing further studies after graduation.

Our College is a student-friendly institution. Our open days offer applicants for our BA level conductor training an insight into the conductive development work; we run preparatory courses for the aptitude test and allow candidates to take a pre-test. For freshly admitted students a preparatory week is organised during the first week of their studies to make adaptation easier. To assist our students cope with the tight schedule and fulfil ongoing academic and practical tasks successfully a relaxation room was established and a student sport association was set up for organising leisure and sport activities. We support the work and programmes of the Student Government with all means. Students’ forums are organised in topics that are of particular interest to the students. Our programmes for fostering gifted students are expanded continuously.

In the practice settings maintained by the College annually about 500 children and adults with dominantly motor problems participate in permanent or interval conductive education in day care or residential form. We operate both Hungarian public education groups and international conductive development groups.

The primary strategic aim of the academic area is to continuously advance existing study courses, taking account of changing professional and societal demands and to have accredited and launch new forms and contents of education. An important goal we share with the Chancellor’s section is a versatile utilisation of the theoretical and practical knowledge concentrated at the College and the operation of scientific and professional projects.

It is our ambition that through disciplined, efficient and perfectible work, maintaining and developing our manifold national and international professional connections our Institution continues to deserve for a long time the public recognition, the respect for and interest in our conductive development work and conductor training that we have enjoyed in the past decades.


Andrea Zsebe PhD

Conductor, College Professor